PortfolioProof is a powerful web application for creative professionals to create and manage private, interactive portfolios.

There are a lot of sites on the 'Net where you can upload images. The problem for professionals is that the choice is usually to share with everyone or not to share at all. You don't have easy options to only share with a select group of people for review and feedback.

PortfolioProof solves that problem by giving you the power to create multiple portfolios which automatically generate secure, interactive and attractive galleries.

Each portfolio is configurable so you can allow all registered users to access it or limit it to the specific client.

When galleries are created, functionality is automatically built allowing users to create bookmarks, add comments, create todo items, peek at a larger view, browse in full screen mode, create annotations, or download the original image. It's easy to find information using the context sensitive search, and built-in dashboard.

All these features - including download - are attached to convenient security settings so you can turn individual bits of functionality on and off.

For the site owner, it's easy to set up with our installation program and just as easy to maintain. Creating and modifying portfolios is a snap and uploading images can be done individually for micro-control or in bulk for maximum efficiency. Thumbnails and watermarks can be created automatically or uploaded separately, as you like. Portfolios can be maintained through features like easy sorting. Email alerts can automatically be generated to let you know about changes on the site.

Just as important, the site can be configured and customized so it meets your branding requirements. You can use our simple configuration tools to change the look and feel of the site with a few clicks or modify the underlining HTML/CSS files to give the site a completely custom look.

A few example screen shots. Click on any of them for a larger view.


  • PHP version 5 or higher.
  • MySQL Database
  • GD Components
Price: $99.00

Need help installing? If you're not comfortable with FTP, mySQL and file permissions, we can take care of it for you.


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